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“Campaign for Winners” consultancy is a full-service political advertising and marketing agency. We have a track record of success in the political marketing arena. At Campaign for Winners, you gain access to creative political marketing strategies with cutting edge solutions, technology and services. We understand your needs and perform our tasks on-time and on-budget with the highest level of commitment and accountability. We believe that our success is directly linked to yours. Our seasoned political consultants offer a dynamic and comprehensive knowledge of political campaigns that aligns perfectly with the needs of clients through effective demographic research and employing all means of gathering public opinion. We ensure our clients the best possible strategy to promote their political ideas and policies and win elections.


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Our Solutions

We offer a complete set of solutions to cater to all the needs of your political campaign.
We offer a complete set of solutions to cater to all the needs of your political campaign. As a political advertising and marketing agency, we offer a custom made, regionally focused, issue based, system of advertising and creating awareness in political campaigns. Some of our services, among other things but not limited to, are as follows:

Search Engine Marketing
We offer comprehensive search marketing services, constructive Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click management.
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Social Media Marketing
We develop effective political social media marketing strategies that will complement your other marketing efforts.
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Mobile Marketing (SMS Messaging & Emails)
Send out personalized SMS messages or emails that best deliver your message to your potential vote bank.
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Media Broadcast (TV & Radio Advertising)
Deliver your message through media broadcast to a wide demographics of consumers in a highly effective and impactful manner.
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Video Production
We create high definition video productions that are dynamically structured to best suit your target audiences and present your political views in a captivating and effective fashion.
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Robocalls & Automated Phone Calls
We provide a full service for efficiently placed robocalls and automated phone calls for best achieved results.
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Demographic Research
For a given geographical area, our research will provide you with demographic makeup, ethnic distribution, voters attitudes, political affiliations, tendencies and trends. We will compile the data based on your requirements and present you with the results in a timely manner. Based on our research, a practical and intensive campaign strategy can be developed.
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Online Presence Management
For further optimization of your electoral campaign, we provide managed online presence services, which include but are not limited to updated web pages, social media accounts and blogs that directly reflect the key points of your political agenda, convey your messages and updates to a fan following, i.e. voters. We specialize in creating campaign websites that will help you create a professional online presence, which will attract voters. We provide services from web hosting, content development to building and maintaining the site throughout the campaign.
Personalized Calls (Ethnic/Language based Calls)
We make personalized calls most relevant to the ethnic and language-based group being targeted during your campaign. We support customized calls in languages including without limitation to English, Espanol, regional Indian languages - Hindi, Telugu, Gujrati and Tamil. Other languages may include, Arabic, Persina, Slavic, Urdu, to name a few. Our backoffices are resourceful in multi-lingual representatives capable of communicating with diverse ethnic groups with fluency and flair that appeals to the voters with a deep sense of political affinity.
Designing & Printing Services
These services include graphic designing, logo designing, flyers and banner printing solutions.
Voter Records
Our clients can get complete access to our comprehensive database that includes detailed list of registered voter files in each state or geographic region, which will give you direct access to voter information, records, demographics and more. We also keep a track of voters moving in and moving out of electrol districts, as well as properties bought and sold from County Clerk Office.
Ballot Management Services
We specialize in ballot management and will produce your ballots efficiently and tailored specifically to your jurisdiction’s needs.
Our outgoing mail process system quickly and accurately mails ballots to absentee voters.
Political Fundraising
We take the hassle out of the equation for you, so you focus on your way to victory and to reach millions of your potential voters!
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Surveys & Polls
We create diverse and dynamic surveys and polls that match your brand, budget and vision!
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“Campaign For Winners” help you win your election by Getting Out The Vote!

Get out the vote (GOTV) activities can make the difference between success and defeat on Election Day. Those GOTV activities that your campaign executes, ensure that your voters who are planning to vote for your candidate will go to the polls on Election Day.


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